Product Codes: Asian History Books for Children

Bar Code for Adventures Of The Treasure Fleet: China
Did you know that 85 years before Columbus discovered America, Chinese ships longer than a football field sailed thousands of miles by signifies of unknown oceans and visited over 30 nations? It's true! Adventures of the Treasure Fleet might possibly be the amazing story...
Author: Ann Martin Bowler / Lak-Khee Tay-Audouard

Bar Code for Adventures On The Ancient Silk Road
gripping account of 3 dramatic journeys that altered history.
Author: Priscilla Galloway / Dawn Hunter

Bar Code for Ancient China
Combining amazing facts with compelling fiction, this new entry in DK's captivating series utilizes the tale of an attempted assassination to explore the fascinating planet of Ancient China.
Author: Stewart Ross

Bar Code for Ancient China
informative account of the a lot a lot more than 7, 000-year-old civilization of China including insights into the folks who helped shape this nation.
Author: Judith Simpson

Bar Code for Ancient China
Travel to ancient China and learn what it takes to excavate the past of the incredible nation. This title is filled with great facts and colorful photos.
Author: Jane Shuter

Bar Code for Ancient China: An Interactive History
Delve into fascinating time periods! This series permits readers to explore different times and places in background from different perspectives. The narrative format, suspenseful action, and path navigation preserve readers reading!
Author: Terry Collins

Bar Code for Ancient Chinese
FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Focuses on Chinese society during the Xia, Shang, and Zhou Dynasties. Learn about the first emperor and what the discovery of his tomb has taught us about the lives with the ancient Chinese and significantly a lot much more.
Author: Virginia Schomp

Bar Code for Ancient India
FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Looks at the culture and men and girls of ancient India. Topics explored include religious practices in addition to the roles of Brahman priests in society. This title also covers several important eras, such as the Indus Valley...
Author: Virginia Schomp

Bar Code for Ancient India-color Book
From Alexander for the 12th century, from Sanchi, Barhut and Sarnath with stories of Hindu gods and goddesses. Ride with Durga and dance with Siva. See Maya's dream and princesses playing.
Author: Bellerophon Books / Nancy Conkle

Bar Code for Ancient South Asian World
young archaeologist finds a primitive hand axe that is believed to turn into a lot more than 400, 000 years old. Engineers creating a railroad discover that the gravel they're using is actually 5, 000-year-old crumbling brick from the ancient Indus Valley civilization....
Author: Jonathan Mark Kenoyer / Kimberley Heuston

Bar Code for Asia 7 Continents
Develop geography literacy while learning about the unique characteristics of Asia!
Author: Evan-Moor

Bar Code for Asia rookie Read-about Geography
popular Rookie Books expand their horizons - to all corners with the globe! With this series all about geography, emergent readers will take off on adventures to cities, nations, waterways, and habitats in regards to the globe. and right in their personal backyards....
Author: Allan Fowler

Bar Code for Asian Civilizations
Asian Civilizations
Author: Neil Morris

Bar Code for Asian Kites
Asian Kites introduces kids to the fascinating art of kite generating. Through the fun and approachable projects in this book, children will learn each of the steps for creating beautiful, unique and creative kites with easy-to-find supplies. Children can delight...
Author: Wayne Hosking

Bar Code for Best-loved Children's Songs From Japan
This handsomely illustrated collection consists of bilingual text and complete musical notation for 15 popular children's songs introduced in Japan between 1919 and 1949. Of special interest to parents, teachers, and librarians.
Author: Yoko Imoto

Bar Code for China Abcs: A Book About The People
alphabetical exploration with the people, geography, animals, plants, history, and culture of China.
Author: Holly Schroeder

Bar Code for China country Explorers
Globetrotters series delivers children with a simple introduction to several countries inside the world. The books invite readers to explore locations, landforms, climate and culture, with recipes, song lyrics and fast facts to enliven the text. '
Author: Janet Riehecky

Bar Code for China kaleidoscope Kids
2008 Olympics in Beijing, China will bring much attention and focus to this country. Children can dig in with hands, feet and mind to 4, 000 years of this country's history, traditions and culture. Through photos, illustrations, diagrams, interviews...
Author: Debbi Michiko Florence

Bar Code for China's Long March
In 1986, Jean Fritz went to China and talked to survivors of the Long March. It is from their recollections and her own broad, personal understanding of Chinese history that she has written one using basically the most compelling accounts of the incredible 6, 000 mile...
Author: Jean Fritz

Bar Code for China: Land Of Dragons And Emperors
fascinating book about the history and culture of China. The history of China spans thousands of years. Journey by implies of China in this fascinating and absorbing book: discover the land of dragons and emperors, and learn about the significance of its...
Author: Adeline Yen Mah

Bar Code for China: The Land
Four new countries and nine updated editions have been added to Bobbie Kalman's popular Lands, Peoples, and Cultures series. These potent and intimate portraits of countries use up-to-date info and full-color photography. Presented in a mini...
Author: Bobbie Kalman

Bar Code for Chinese History Stories Volume 1: Stories
Foolish kings, clever scholars, brave generals, and kindhearted princesses you ll find them all in the rich and colorful history of China, and inside the stories told by generation following generation of Chinese people. For thousands of years, the people of...
Author: Renee Ting

Bar Code for Chinese History Stories Volume 2: Stories
Foolish kings, clever scholars, brave generals, and kindhearted princesses you ll find them all inside the rich and colorful history of China, and in the stories told by generation following generation of Chinese folks. For thousands of years, the men and women of...

Bar Code for Cixi The Dragon Empress
This series of historical accounts profiles strong women who took extraordinary measures to attain and preserve power — including murder, deception, and black magic — examining the women's reputations inside the context of their eras. Just how...
Author: Natasha Yim

Bar Code for Commodore Perry In The Land Of The Shogun
For centuries, Japan had isolated itself from the outside globe by refusing to trade with other nations as nicely as refusing to assist shipwrecked sailors, foreign or Japanese. The country's men and women still lived below a feudal system like that of Europe in...
Author: Rhoda Blumberg

Bar Code for Confucius: The Golden Rule
America's premier biographer for young men and women illuminates the remarkable life and far-reaching influence of the popular Chinese philosopher. Born in China in 551 B. C. , Confucius rose from poverty to the heights of his country's ruling class. But then...
Author: Russell Freedman

Bar Code for D Is For Dancing Dragon: A China Alphabet
Winding its way like a extended dragon through 4, 000 miles of mountains, desert, and grasslands, The Fantastic Wall of China was built entirely by hand, taking hundreds of years and millions of workers to complete. That's just one particular employing the myriad wonders of China...
Author: Carol Crane

Bar Code for D Is For Doufu: An Alphabet Book Of Chinese
Carefully selected Chinese words and phrases take you on a wondrous journey through Chinese history and through the lives and customs of its people. The which means of 23 phrases (46 characters) are included in this beautifully illustrated book that explores...
Author: Maywan Shen Krach

Bar Code for Designs For Coloring: The Far East
Dust off those markers, limber up your fingers, and get ready for a new addition to Ruth Heller's popular series. Thirty-one intricate geometric designs challenge coloring aficionados of all levels to develop beautiful Oriental patterns with crayons, colored...
Author: Ruth Heller

Bar Code for Distinguished Doctors And Miraculous
DISTINGUISHED DOCTORS AND MIRACULOUS REMEDIES: correct STORIES FROM ANCIENT CHINA is component of a new four-volume series developed to introduce the wonders of ancient China's science and technology to a younger audience. Featuring full-color illustrations, each...
Author: Kang Zhu

Bar Code for Dk Eyewitness Books: Ancient China
Here is a spectacular and informative guide towards the history of the great Chinese empire as well as the customs and traditions of its individuals. Stunning real-life photographs and lifelike models supply a distinctive"eyewitness"view of life in imperial China, from its...
Author: Arthur Cotterell

Bar Code for Dk Eyewitness Books: Mesopotamia
In these 4 all-new titles-each with its own clip-art CD and wall chart-DK shines its Eyewitness spotlight on vital subjects from the past, present, and future. Even though Mesopotamia explore the cradle of civilization and Wonderful Scientists reveals the minds that...
Author: Philip Steele / John Farndon

Bar Code for Empress Of China
beautiful young nun with skin as smooth as silk together with a face as lovely as a spring flower silently cooked and cleaned all day at Gan Ye Buddhist Temple. Every evening she joined the other nuns in chanting sutras.
Author: De Yuan Xu Cheng An Chiang

Bar Code for Forbidden City: China's Imperial Palace
Forbidden City: China's Imperial Palace
Author: Barbara Knox

Bar Code for Genghis Khan
As a boy, Genghis Khan inherited the function of leader after his father's death. As a man, he earned it— by fiercely protecting his people, no matter the coxst, and be demanding total loyalty from those he led. His is really a story of courage and survival,...
Author: Demi

Bar Code for Great Ancient China Projects You Can
From Buddhism, feng shui, and porcelain pottery to gunpowder, dynasties, and trade routes, this interactive activity guide explores the incredible ingenuity and history of ancient China with far much more than 20 hands-on projects. Comprehensive coverage of the...
Author: Lance Kramer

Bar Code for Great Voyages Of Zheng He
Imagine looking out to sea and watching over 3 hundred gargantuan ships, their flaming red sails caught within the wind, approaching your shore. What wonders making use of the world could be found on those ships? Over 600 hundred years ago, Emperor Zhu Di of China...
Author: Demi

Bar Code for Great Wall Of China
Excellent Wall Of China
Author: Christine Webster / Heather Kissock

Bar Code for Great Wall Of China
Wonderful Wall Of China
Author: Lesley A. DuTemple

Bar Code for Great Wall Of China
brief history of the Fantastic Wall of China, begun about 2, 200 years ago to keep out Mongol invaders.
Author: Leonard Everett Fisher

Bar Code for Great Wall: The Story Of 4
Imagine a wall 30 feet high, a wall thousands of miles long, a wall that crossed deserts and climbed more than impossibly jagged peaks, a wall that contained thousands of individual forts and towers, a wall that was guarded by much more than a million soldiers, a wall...
Author: Elizabeth Mann

Bar Code for Great Wall: The Story Of Thousands
This may be the story of a people's struggle for absolute safety in a violent and hazardous world. Needing defense against the Mongols whose empire encompassed the majority inside the known world, the Chinese built the Wonderful Wall of China over 200 years. Thousands...
Author: Elizabeth Mann

Bar Code for Greatest Power
Emperor Ping, the boy emperor identified for his adore of harmony, sets a challenge towards the young children of his kingdom: show him the greatest energy in the planet."To know the greatest power within the globe is to understand the greatest peace,"Emperor Ping announces."Whoever...
Author: Demi

Bar Code for Hands-on History Ancient Japan: Step
Discover the amazing Japanese civilization and learn about a culture that has existed for thousands of years. Details and features combine with 15 practical projects that enable you to re-create the past - wear a dramatic theatrical mask, fly a carp streamer,...
Author: Fiona Macdonald

Bar Code for Hidden Army: Clay Soldiers Of Ancient
For a lot more than two thousand years, a secret army of life-size terra-cotta soldiers lay buried underground in China. But in 1974, some farmers digging a properly found the first of what turned out to turn into an army of over 7, 000. Who made them? And why? ...
Author: Jane O'Connor

Bar Code for History Of Guam
Written for elementary school students, A Background of Guam is really a useful reference for any student of Guam's history. Enhanced by historical photographs from Guam's museum collections, at the identical time as modern color photos, the carefully researched text brings to...
Author: Lawrence J. Cunningham / Janice J. Beaty

Bar Code for Ho Chi Minh
biography in the Vietnamese leader who led his individuals inside the struggle for independence from France and in the subsequent war with South Vietnam and the Usa.
Author: Philip Steele

Bar Code for How To Be A Samurai Warrior
Can you handle a horse? Are you skillful using a bow? Are you brave inside the face of danger? Will you wear this smelly, lice-infested armor with dignity? Have you truly earned the respect and honor shown to the samurai? Are you of honorable lineage? Will...
Author: Fiona MacDonald

Bar Code for India Abcs: A Book About The People
alphabetical exploration of the people, geography, animals, history, and culture of India.
Author: Marcie Aboff

Bar Code for India enchantment Of The World
Take a trip about the planet with every single of the newest from the Enchantment of the World series!
Author: Don Nardo

Bar Code for India eyewitness Books
Discover the folks and traditions of 1 from probably the most dynamic nations in the planet.
Author: Manini Chatterjee

Bar Code for Indian Ocean Tsunami Of 2004
Indian Ocean Tsunami Of 2004
Author: William W. Lace

Bar Code for Japan The Culture
Four new countries and nine updated editions happen to be added to Bobbie Kalman's popular Lands, Peoples, and Cultures series. These powerful and intimate portraits of countries use up-to-date information and full-color photography. Presented in a mini...
Author: Bobbie Kalman

Bar Code for Japan The Land
Four new nations and nine updated editions have been added to Bobbie Kalman's popular Lands, Peoples, and Cultures series. These powerful and intimate portraits of nations use up-to-date information and full-color photography. Presented in a mini...
Author: Bobbie Kalman

Bar Code for K Is For Kabuki: A Japan Alphabet
Judo, origami, sushi - with just a couple of words an instant landscape is conjured: the country of Japan. In K is for Kabuki: A Japan Alphabet, young readers are invited to travel to faraway Japan and explore its rich history, traditions, and function in today's...
Author: Gloria Whelan / Jennifer Nolan

Bar Code for Kazakhstan In Pictures
Kazakhstan In Pictures
Author: Bella Waters

Bar Code for Kubla Khan: The Emperor Of Everything
Always cast in a supporting role inside the numerous books about Marco Polo, the great Kubla Khan now takes center stage in a splendid picture-book biography. He can be a wonderful subject-a man who liked to live large, building the imperial city of Beijing from...
Author: Kathleen Krull

Bar Code for Life As A Ninja: An Interactive History
" You Choose: Historical Eras"- Jump into a life from lengthy ago! You choose who to be, exactly where to go and what to perform. Will you succeed? Will you fail? Will You even survive? It's as a lot as you."You Choose: Warriors"- The life of a warrior is complete of danger,...
Author: Matt Doeden

Bar Code for Life As A Samurai: An Interactive History
You are a samurai warrior in medieval Japan. As on the list of most feared and respected warriors in history, you are an professional fighter. You wield strong weapons with no fear. And above all else, you follow a strict code of honor, defending it even to the...
Author: Matt Doeden

Bar Code for Life In Ancient China
Book Details:
Author: Paul Challen

Bar Code for Life In Ancient Japan
FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Beautiful spreads and full-color photographs unveil Japan's rich history including early pit dwellings, the development of castle towns, and life as a samurai warrior.
Author: Hazel Richardson

Bar Code for Life In Old Japan Coloring Book
More than 40 handsome, ready-to-color illustrations depict samurai warriors, the imperial villa at Kyoto, a Shinto shrine, a tea ceremony, a Noh play, a typical city street, a restaurant, music makers, more. Introduction and detailed captions describe...
Author: John Green / Text by Stanley Appelbaum / Coloring Books

Bar Code for Life In The Ancient Indus River Valley
Book Details:
Author: Hazel Richardson

Bar Code for Little Green: Growing Up During The Chinese
I was born in a small city near the East Sea
Author: Chun Yu

Bar Code for Magic Horse Of Han Gan
Junior Library Guild selection
Author: Chen Jiang Hong

Bar Code for Manjiro: The Boy Who Risked His Life
In 1841, Japan had been closed for the outside globe for 250 years, and anyone who tried to return for the country after leaving it could be executed. So when the small fishing boat on which fourteen-year-old Manjiro was operating was shipwrecked, he despaired...
Author: Emily Arnold McCully

Bar Code for Mao And Me
Chosen for the 2009– 2010 Fantastic Lakes Great Books Award ballot for grades six to eight
Author: Chen Jiang Hong

Bar Code for Marco Polo: History's Great Adventurer
Immerse yourself in this interactive introduction to a single of history's greatest adventurers. Travel along the Silk Road to medieval China with Marco Polo as your guide. Meet the warlord Kublai Khan and sail through pirate-infested seas in search of riches...
Author: Clint Twist

Bar Code for Mountains Of Tibet
'This story employing the death and reincarnation of a Tibetan woodcutter is truly a beautifully gentle look at one human becoming coping with life's choices and possibilities. ' — SLJ. 'The impact of its peaceful message will reverberate long quickly after the last page...
Author: Mordicai Gerstein

Bar Code for Myanmar In Pictures
Myanmar In Pictures
Author: Tom Streissguth

Bar Code for Mysteries Of Angkor Wat
What mysteries hide inside this ancient Cambodian temple? When neighborhood kids lead the author by way of the ruins, he discovers a little-known secret. In 1100 CE, the mighty Khmer people of Cambodia built the world's biggest religious monument: the sprawling...
Author: Richard Sobol

Bar Code for National Geographic Countries
Discover India's rich tapestry of cultures and religions. See why India is now a world leader in technologies. Visit the Ganges — spiritual artery in the nation. Learn in regards to the animals that are sacred in India. Visit the Taj Mahal and discover its...
Author: A. Kamala Dalal

Bar Code for National Geographic Countries
Discover one of a lot of world's political hotspots. Learn about South Korea's amazing economic history. See the effects of Typhoon Maemi. Meet Kim Dae-Jung, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.
Author: Tom Jackson

Bar Code for National Geographic Investigates: Ancient
In 1974, farmers uncover the terra-cotta army of China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi. Satellite technologies reveals about 8, 000 soldiers at the tomb complex. Only 1, 000 have so far been excavated. In 1976, archaeologists uncover a Shang Dynasty tomb...
Author: Jacqueline Ball / Richard Levey

Bar Code for National Geographic Investigates: Ancient
culture of ancient India is revealed through archaeology, our modern-day portal to the past. Through dramatic photography and lively narrative, take a passage to Indian antiquity. Visit Mohenjo-Daro or the"mound with the dead,"a city built between...
Author: Anita Dalal

Bar Code for Nur Jahan Of India
Combining the romance and enchantment of princesses getting a message of youthful female empowerment, these books are about girls who didn't just sit about waiting to be rescued. Against great odds, they altered their own lives— and their worlds....
Author: Shirin Yim Bridges

Bar Code for Qin Shi Huangdi: First Emperor Of China
This book presents an overview of Qin Shi Huangdi's life, as well as his influence on history as well because the world.
Author: Peggy Pancella

Bar Code for Red Piano
beautiful and extraordinary account of international concert pianist Zhu Xiao-Mei's hardships and triumphs while growing up during China's Cultural Revolution
Author: Andre Leblanc

Bar Code for Red Scarf Girl: A Memoir Of The Cultural
It's 1966, and twelve-year-old Ji-li Jiang has everything a girl could want: brains, tons of friends, together with a vivid future in Communist China. But it's also the year that China's leader, Mao Ze-dong, launches the Cultural Revolution— and Ji-li's...
Author: Ji-li Jiang

Bar Code for Russia Abcs: A Book About The People
alphabetical exploration of the people, geography, animals, plants, history, and culture of Russia.
Author: Ann Berge

Bar Code for Samurai Castle
Who had been the Samurais and what was life like in their castles? Inside Story: Samurai Castle answers these questions and substantially a lot more through beautiful illustrations and thoroughly researched info. This book will take you inside a Samurai castle to discover...
Author: Fiona Macdonald

Bar Code for Samurai Warriors
For 800 years, the samurai dominated Japan, and you'll see why with this captivating coloring book. Meet famous leaders from the elite warrior class, watch their coaching practices, study their armor and weapons, and observe their battles. Captions for...
Author: John Green / Coloring Books

Bar Code for Saving The Ghost Of The Mountain: An
School Library Journal Best Book of 2009
Author: Sy Montgomery

Bar Code for Shipwrecked : The True Adventures
This was the law in Japan in the early 1800s. When fourteen-year-old Manjiro, operating on a fishing boat to help assist his family, was shipwrecked three hundred miles away from his homeland, he was heartbroken to think that he would never again be able...
Author: Rhoda Blumberg

Bar Code for Silk Road: 20 Projects Explore
Shedding light on a legendary passage amongst the Mediterranean Sea and China, this overview outlines the history, geography, and guys and women of the Silk Road region. Spanning from Roman times until the Age of Exploration, this noteworthy route helped spread...
Author: Kathryn Ceceri

Bar Code for Silk Route: 7
Silk has extended been considered a symbol of wealth and luxury. But thousands of years ago, the production of silk cloth was one of China's most prized secrets. So how did silk turn out to be on the list of most sought-after materials inside the world?
Author: John S. Major

Bar Code for South Korea
Pack your bags! We're headed to South Korea. On this whirlwind tour, you'll learn all about the country's landscape, culture, people, and a lot more. We'll explore coastal islands and mountain ranges, enjoy traditional pansori music, and try a popular dish...
Author: Jennifer A. Miller

Bar Code for Suleyman The Magnificent And The Ottoman
Provides an overview of the lives of Suleyman I and his subjects within the Ottoman Empire from the late sixteenth century, and includes excerpts from poems, letters, and stories from the time.
Author: Miriam Greenblatt

Bar Code for T Is For Taj Mahal: An India Alphabet
From the quiet grandeur in the Himalaya Mountains to the urban city of Calcutta, T is for Taj Mahal: An India Alphabet showcases India's exotic treasures. Visit the haunting Taj Mahal, a tribute from an emperor to his dead wife. Traverse the bustling...
Author: Varsha Bajaj

Bar Code for Taj Mahal: A Story Of Love And Empire
Magnificent Mughals of India.
Author: Elizabeth Mann / Alan Witschonke

Bar Code for Tibet Through The Red Box
father's diary, an artist's memoir. By the author in the best-selling Three Golden Keys. While my father was in China and Tibet, he kept a diary, which was later locked inside a red box. We weren't allowed to touch the box. The stories I heard as a little...
Author: Peter Sís

Bar Code for Vietnam War
This definitive series introduces the events that have helped shape the United States, from the country's beginning for the present day. Strong narratives and eye-catching photographs tell the stories behind the nation's growth and development.
Author: Peter Benoit

Bar Code for Vietnam War Pows
American pilots and soldiers captured during the Vietnam War faced years of torture and mistreatment. Some from the prisoners of war endured almost nine years of imprisonment, the longest in U. S. history. During this time, the POWs were rarely presented medical...
Author: Danielle Smith-Llera

Bar Code for Vietnam War: A History In Documents
Vietnam War tells the story of among probably the most divisive episodes in present day American history by means of primary sources, ranging from government documents, news reports, speeches, popular songs to memoirs, writings by Vietnam veterans (like coauthor...
Author: Marilyn B. Young / John J. Fitzgerald / A. Tom Grunfeld

Bar Code for World History Biographies: Gandhi:
shy, critical boy, Mahatma Gandhi would later lead India to nationhood and change the course of history. After studying law in London, he championed Indian rights in South Africa for two decades. He returned to India in 1914, leading a campaign of nonviolent...
Author: Philip Wilkinson

Bar Code for You Are In Ancient China
Have you ever wanted to travel to China? Now you can in this exciting and colorful title. This book takes a visual strategy to the study of crucial periods in world history curriculum. It looks at the period of history through the eyes of a youngster investigating...
Author: Ivan Minnis

Bar Code for You Wouldn't Want To Be A Ninja Warrior
In the mid-16th century, rival warlords are fighting for manage of Japan. They need the solutions with the"shadow warriors"— young men and ladies who have been trained in the techniques of stealth warfare. A ninja ought to know how to move with out becoming...
Author: John Malam

Bar Code for You Wouldn't Want To Be A Samurai :
Book Details:
Author: Fiona MacDonald

Bar Code for You Wouldn't Want To Sail In The Spanish
You Wouldn't Want To Sail In The Spanish
Author: John Malam

Bar Code for You Wouldn't Want To Work On The Great
FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. You are a poor peasant boy who functions with your father to assist help your family members. You are living in the third century BC beneath the ruler Qin, the Emperor of China. The Emperor has many unfair laws. Unfortunately,...
Author: Jacqueline Morley / David Salariya