Product Codes: African History for Kids

Bar Code for 100 Things You Should Know About Ancient
100 Things You Should Know About Ancient
Author: Jane Walker

Bar Code for Adventures In Ancient Egypt
Adventures in Ancient Egypt mixes truth and fiction for fast, funny and fascinating romps by way of the past. Kids will love the book's modern comic-book look with its zany illustrations, speech balloons and guidebook. Parents and teachers will love...
Author: Linda Bailey

Bar Code for Africa 7 Continents
Develop geography literacy while discovering out about the distinctive characteristics of Africa!
Author: Evan-Moor

Bar Code for Africa Is Not A Country
Book Details:
Author: Margy Burns Knight

Bar Code for African Beginnings
From the ancient kingdom of Kush, whose black pharaohs ruled Egypt for nearly a century, towards the sixteenth-century empire of the Kongo, whose emperor was so powerful he was able to halt the trade in slaves for a quantity of years, the African continent rang...
Author: James Haskins / Kathleen Benson

Bar Code for African History: An Illustrated Handbook
African History: An Illustrated Handbook
Author: Simon Whitechapel

Bar Code for African Princess: The Amazing Lives
What was it like to reside as a queen in ancient Egypt, or as an Amazon warrior in western Africa? African Princess tells the stories of six remarkable royal women together with the eras in which they lived, from 1473 B. C. to the present. Some lived in great luxury;...
Author: Joyce Hansen

Bar Code for Amistad: A Long Road To Freedom
In 1839, there was a rebellion on the slave ship Amistad. In a bloody struggle, the African captives aboard rebelled against their kidnappers and declared mutiny. While attempting to sail the ship home, the Africans accidentally ended up in New York. They...
Author: Walter Dean Myers

Bar Code for Amistad: The Story Of A Slave Ship
In Spanish, Amistad means friendship. It was also the name of a slave ship. In 1838, the Amistad took hundreds of kidnapped Africans on a long journey across the Atlantic, but the brave captives would not give up their freedom, taking over the ship so...
Author: Patricia McKissack

Bar Code for Ancient Africa
Chester the Crab takes you on a trip by implies of the ancient and powerful African kingdoms of Egypt and Mali in this appear at cultures that have contributed a lot to the diversity of modern America. See how trade bound these Africans to other Mediterranean...
Author: Bentley Boyd

Bar Code for Ancient Egypt
most trusted nonfiction series on the market, Eyewitness Books give an in-depth, complete look at their subjects getting a exclusive integration of words and pictures. DK's classic look at Ancient Egypt, now reissued using a CD and wall chart.
Author: George Hart

Bar Code for Ancient Egypt Pop-up Book: In Association
Did you know that the strategy of mummification took seventy days or that the ancient Egyptians practiced the earliest known sort of dentistry? Ancient Egypt is an illustrated gift pop-up book featuring facts like this and far much more about the history of Egypt...
Author: James Putnam

Bar Code for Ancient Egypt: A First Look At People
civilization of ancient Egypt disappeared two thousand years ago, however we still marvel in the wonders it left behind. This engaging primer for young readers introduces the land, people, and culture of Egypt, like the pyramids, the Excellent Sphinx,...
Author: Bruce Strachan

Bar Code for Ancient Egypt: Tales Of Gods And Pharaohs
With compelling comic-style illustrations, a colossus's worth of facts, and dramatic fold-out spreads, Marcia Williams brings Egyptian myths to life. The stories of the Egyptian pharaohs and their ancient gods are complete of mystery and adventure. In this...
Author: Marcia Williams

Bar Code for Ancient Egypt: Tales Of Gods And Pharaohs
With compelling comic-style illustrations, a colossus's worth of facts, and dramatic fold-out spreads, Marcia Williams brings Egyptian myths to life. The stories in the Egyptian pharaohs and their ancient gods are complete of mystery and adventure. In this...
Author: Marcia Williams

Bar Code for Ancient Egyptian World
Taking readers back 4, 000 years, for the fertile land about the Nile River, The Ancient Egyptian World tells the stories of the kings, queens, pharaohs, gods, tomb builders, and ordinary citizens who lived there. Using papyri, scarabs, tomb inscriptions,...
Author: Eric H. Cline / Jill Rubalcaba

Bar Code for Ancient Egyptians
How did the individuals of Ancient Egypt live? What was their social, economic, political, and cultural life like? How did their values and attitudes aid shape our globe. This title answers these issues and a lot much more with informative text, colorful photographs...
Author: Jane Shuter

Bar Code for Ancient West African Kingdoms
What can be a griot? How had been the Ancient West African Kingdoms ruled? Why did the Ancient West African Kingdoms disappear? The Ancient West African Kingdoms answers these concerns and a lot more. The books in the History Opens Windows series help you discover...
Author: Jane Shuter

Bar Code for Ancient West African Kingdoms: Ghana
Examines the social, economic, political, and cultural life from the folks of ancient Ghana, Mali, and Songhai, such as profiles of influential citizens.
Author: Mary Quigley

Bar Code for Angola cultures Of The World
Describes the geography, history, government, economy, religion, language, arts, leisure, food, festivals, and lifestyle of this nation in west-central Africa.
Author: Sean Sheehan / Jui Lin Yong

Bar Code for Apartheid In South Africa
This book examines the historical forces that led towards the improvement from the system of apartheid, what life was like below the system for both blacks and whites, and also the efforts that caused the finish of this system.
Author: David Downing

Bar Code for At Her Majesty's Request: An African
Once there was a tiny girl--an orphaned African princess--who narrowly escaped death by human sacrifice in a West African village in 1850. A British sea captain named Frederick E. Forbes saved her life by talking King Gezo of Dahomey into giving the...
Author: Walter Dean Myers

Bar Code for Benin cultures Of The World
Benin cultures Of the World
Author: Martha Kneib

Bar Code for Betrayal Of Africa
In the wealthy West, it's assumed that Africa may be the dilemma and we are the solution. This timely book argues the opposite. Though couched in benevolent terms, Western policies in fact have for decades helped fuel the continent's devastating decline....
Author: Gerald Caplan

Bar Code for Bonyo Bonyo
Bonyo Bonyo
Author: Vanita Oelschlager

Bar Code for Botswana In Pictures
overview of Botswana's geography and history, together with an exploration with the political, economic, and cultural landscape of this landlocked nation in southern Africa.
Author: Alison Behnke

Bar Code for Can You Spot The Leopard : African Masks
Describes distinct varieties of ceremonial African masks, how and why they are made, and how they reflect the culture of their ethnic groups.
Author: Christine Stelzig

Bar Code for Central African Republic In Pictures
overview of Central African Republic's geography and history, in addition to an exploration of the political, economic, and cultural landscape of this landlocked country in central Africa.
Author: Matt Doeden

Bar Code for Code Quest: Hieroglyphs: Solve The Mystery
Code Quest is a brand-new narrative non-fiction series that challenges the reader to solve historical mysteries. Each title presents a unique, interactive story in which the reader learns about historical codes, pictograms and symbols by completing various...
Author: Sean Callery

Bar Code for Democratic Republic Of Congo In Pictures
overview of the Democratic Republic of Congo's geography and history, together with an exploration from the political, economic, and cultural landscape of this central African nation formerly called Zaire. As element in the new, completely revised and redesigned...
Author: Francesca Davis DiPiazza

Bar Code for Democratic Republic Of The Congo
Democratic Republic Of The Congo
Author: Rita Milios

Bar Code for Descubramos El Congo/ Looking
Descubramos El Congo/ Looking
Author: Kathleen Pohl

Bar Code for Designs For Coloring: Ancient Egypt
Experience the decorative beauty and regal splendor of ancient Egypt in these ready-to-color designs of gods, pharaohs, and significantly far a lot more!
Author: Ruth Heller

Bar Code for Egypt: In Spectacular Cross-section
Million-copy best-selling creator in the Incredible Cross-Sections series now brings his talent to a new challenge: ancient Egypt. The year is 1230 B. C. , during the reign of Ramses the Great in ancient Egypt. Follow the thirty-day voyage inside the eleven-year-old...
Author: Stewart Ross

Bar Code for Encyclopedia Of Civilizations
This fact-filled encyclopedia takes a thematic as opposed to a chronological approach to the past. By enabling complete topics to be reviewed and assessed at a single stroke, this fascinating but all too often dry and opaque subject is brought to life and...
Author: Philip Brooks / Will Fowler / Simon Adams

Bar Code for Ethiopia: A Question And Answer Book
Provides an introduction to Ethiopia using a question-and-answer format that discusses land features, government, housing, transportation, industries, education, sports, art forms, holidays, food, and family members life. Includes a map, facts, and charts.
Author: Englar / Mary

Bar Code for Exploring Africa
Take students in grades 5– 8 on a field trip with out leaving the classroom using Exploring Africa! This 48-page book features reading selections and assessments that utilize a number of questioning strategies, for example matching, true or false, critical...
Author: Michael Kramme Ph.D.

Bar Code for Ghana country Explorers
Pack your bags! We're headed to Ghana. On this whirlwind tour, you'll learn all regarding the country's landscape, culture, people, and much a lot more. We'll walk on bridges by means of the treetops in a tropical forest, see lions and elephants at a wildlife park, and...
Author: Lyn Larson

Bar Code for Glorious Age In Africa: The Story
Ghana, Mali and Songhay: The Story of Three Great Empires
Author: Daniel Chu / Elliott P. Skinner

Bar Code for Greenleaf Guide To Ancient Egypt
Ever wonder how biblical history and ancient Egyptian history fit together? Why was God so angry with Pharaoh, anyway? These were concerns we asked when we began our study of Ancient Egypt. We wanted to start our study of Western history by starting...
Author: Cynthia Shearer

Bar Code for Hatshepsut
Author: Catherine M Andronik

Bar Code for Hatshepsut Of Egypt
Combining the romance and enchantment of princesses with a message of youthful female empowerment, these books are about girls who didn't just sit about waiting to be rescued. Against great odds, they changed their fairly own lives— and their worlds....
Author: Shirin Yim Bridges

Bar Code for History And Activities Of The West
Have you ever wondered what life was really like in the West African Kingdoms? What did people wear? What did they eat? What sorts of games did kids play? Through history, recipes, crafts, activities, and games this series provides you a chance to experience...
Author: Gary E. Barr

Bar Code for History News: The Egyptian News
" These entertaining, deftly organized books will make terrific light-hearted additions to cirriculum units on ancient civilizations."— Publishers Weekly Stop the presses! What if ancient civilizations had day-to-day newspapers? And they were amusing...
Author: Scott Steedman

Bar Code for In The Time Of The Drums
Mentu has never identified Africa. He is an island-born boy. But Grandmother Twi, she has Africa in her blood— and she shares the old magic of her home through songs and stories. One day, a slave ship docks on the shore with the island where Mentu lives....
Author: Kim L. Siegelson

Bar Code for Japanese Designs
This ready-to-color collection of 30 full-page styles depicts popular motifs in the best Japanese artistic tradition — from highly stylized creatures from the sea and air to lush blossoms and sinister dragons. A delight for colorists of all ages,...
Author: Y. S. Green

Bar Code for Kenya Abcs: A Book About The People
alphabetical exploration inside the people, geography, animals, plants, history, and culture of Kenya.
Author: Sarah Heiman

Bar Code for Kenya first Reports Countries
Describes the history, geography, government, economics, and folks of Kenya.
Author: Lucia Raatma

Bar Code for Liberia countries Around The World
Liberia delivers complete coverage of this fascinating country, which includes sections on history, geography, wildlife, infrastructure and government, and culture. It also consists of a detailed fact file, maps and charts, and a traceable flag.
Author: Robin S. Doak

Bar Code for Lost Boys Of Sudan
Lost Boys Of Sudan
Author: Jeff Burlingame

Bar Code for Luo heritage Library Of African Peoples
Discusses the background and lifestyle of a group of men and women occupying the coastal territory of Lake Victoria in Tanzania and Kenya.
Author: Awuor Ayodo / E. S. Atieno Odhiambo

Bar Code for Madagascar
Pack your bags! We're headed to Madagascar. On this whirlwind tour, you'll learn all concerning the country's landscape, culture, people, and more. We'll explore Madagascar's strange wildlife, taste a hot side dish called lasary voatabia, and attend Alahamady...
Author: Mary Oluonye

Bar Code for Malawi In Pictures
overview of Malawi's geography and history, along with an exploration from the political, economic, and cultural landscape of this country located in southeastern Africa.
Author: Sarah De Capua

Bar Code for Man-eaters Of Tsavo
This collection chronicles the fiction and non fiction classics by the greatest writers the world has ever known. The inclusion of both popular as nicely as overlooked pieces is pivotal to delivering a broad and representative collection of classic functions...
Author: John Henry Patterson

Bar Code for Morocco country Explorers
Pack your bags! We're headed to Morocco. On this whirlwind tour, you'll learn all about the country's landscape, culture, people, and a lot more. We'll explore Morocco's seacoasts, mountains, and desert; visit its busy cities and quiet villages; and shop for...
Author: Robin Nelson

Bar Code for Morocco cultures Of The World
Morocco cultures Of the Globe
Author: Pat Seward / Orin Hargraves

Bar Code for Mummies , L3
Beginning readers are sure to get wrapped up in this fascinating first appear at Egypt's ancient mummies. Filled with unusual and up-to-date facts, this easy-to-read book uncovers the mysteries of how and why mummies had been made and what they reveal today....
Author: Joyce Milton

Bar Code for Mummies Made In Egypt
Aliki describes and illustrates the techniques and also the aspects for the use of mummification in ancient Egypt.
Author: Aliki

Bar Code for Mummies, Pyramids, And Pharaohs: A Book
Provides an overview of life in ancient Egypt, describing the people, daily activities, beliefs and customs, and what has been learned from artifacts left behind.
Author: Gail Gibbons

Bar Code for Mundo Antiguo De Egipto
From the pharaoh and his courtiers, by way of the mystical rites from the priests, towards the planet from the workers within the fields, discover the Nile valley civilizations, what was inside the Great Pyramid at Giza, how Tutankhamun's tomb was found, what went on...
Author: George Hart

Bar Code for Mystery Of The Hieroglyphs: The Story
For over 15 centuries, nobody could study the strange-looking Egyptian hieroglyphs. And then in 1799 a French soldier in Napoleon's army in Egypt stumbled across the Rosetta Stone, an ancient inscription recorded in Greek, hieroglyphs, and demotic...
Author: Carol Donoughue

Bar Code for National Geographic Countries
Welcome to Kenya, land of light and infinite variety. National Geographic will be your guide in Nairobi, and into the bush beyond. Kenya's busy capital bustles with crowds, traffic and markets selling generate from the heartlands. Out in the bush, a myriad...
Author: Bridget Giles

Bar Code for National Geographic Countries
Discover Africa's most populous country. Learn why this oil-rich land is so troubled. Visit Lagos, Nigeria's teeming mega-metropolis. Come see the sacred city of Ife-Ife.
Author: Bridget Giles

Bar Code for Nelson Mandela
Presents a brief look inside the life of Nelson Mandela
Author: Karima Grant

Bar Code for Of Beetles And Angels: A Boy's Remarkable
Now in a paperback edition, this acclaimed memoir tells the unforgettable story of a young boy's journey from a refugee camp in Sudan to Chicago, where his family survived on welfare. Mawi followed his father's advice to"treat people. as though they...
Author: Mawi Asgedom

Bar Code for Off To The Sweet Shores Of Africa:
This colorful collection of original, African-inspired rhymes is accompanied by exquisitely detailed illustrations.
Author: Uzo Unobagha

Bar Code for Old Testament And Ancient Egypt Flashcards
Old Testament and Ancient Egypt Flashcards. Thirty-two major events chronologically from Creation for the fall of Egypt to Rome. Use with the Old Testament and Ancient Egypt Teacher's Manual and Memory Song CD.
Author: Laurie Detweiler

Bar Code for One-hundred-and-one African-american
newest volume in the popular Read-Aloud series, this engaging collection attributes the best African-American short stories and excerpts to study to youngsters in beneath ten minutes. The diverse tales, selected for their rich histories, spiritual writings...
Author: Susan Kantor

Bar Code for Only The Mountains Do Not Move: A Maasai
Nobody can say he is settled anywhere forever; it is only the mountains which do not move from their areas.
Author: Jan Reynolds

Bar Code for Our Stories
Stories of survival.
Author: Deborah Ellis

Bar Code for Pan-africanists
This book celebrates the life of 17 Black leaders who have created outstanding contributions towards the liberation, unity and solidarity of Africa and African peoples all through the planet. Inspired by the Pan-Africanists portfolio, a series of oil paintings...
Author: Barrington Watson

Bar Code for Peaceful Protest: The Life Of Nelson
Walk the lengthy road to freedom with Nelson Mandela— a single of the 20th century's shining beacons of peaceful protest. Nelson Mandela is a single of a lot of most inspiring figures in modern history. For 27 years he was a “ prisoner of conscience”...
Author: Yona Zeldis Mc Donough / Malcah Zeldis

Bar Code for Peoples And Cultures Of Africa: Central
Peoples And Cultures Of Africa: Central

Bar Code for Pharaohs And Foot Soldiers: One Hundred
Imagine becoming an interpreter of dreams in ancient Egypt.
Author: Kristin Butcher

Bar Code for Pharaohs Of Ancient Egypt
For a lot more than 3, 000 years, Egypt was a great civilization that thrived along the banks of the Nile River. But when its cities crumbled to dust, Egypt's culture and the secrets of its hieroglyphic writings were also lost. The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt...
Author: Elizabeth Payne

Bar Code for Pyramid
Through concise text and richly detailed black and white illustrations we come to comprehend the philosophy of life and death in ancient Egypt.
Author: David Macaulay

Bar Code for Pyramid action Pack
More than just a book and far better than a game! An original and exciting new approach to finding out relating to the pyramids and ancient Egypt. Open this folder and find everything you have to explore the pyramids-things to produce and do, inform and amaze.
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Pyramid experience
completely unique strategy to illustrated reference, DK's new Experience series uses panoramic storyboard sequences to assist readers dive into the printed page and learn inside a whole new way because the action unfolds.
Author: Peter Chrisp

Bar Code for Pyramids
Pyramids tells the story of these Egyptian monuments from their earliest beginnings, following their development from the very first step pyramid towards the Great Pyramid of Giza. Unlike most books on the subject, the volume describes not merely the pyramids themselves...
Author: Joyce Filer

Bar Code for Royal Kingdoms Of Ghana
For more than a thousand years, from A. D. 500 to 1700, the medieval kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay grew wealthy on the gold, salt, and slave trade that stretched across Africa. Scraping away hundreds of years of ignorance, prejudice, and mythology,...
Author: Patricia Mc Kissack / Fredrick Mc Kissack

Bar Code for Seven Natural Wonders Of Africa
Without any human influence, nature has created extraordinary wonders - from majestic mountains and bubbling volcanoes to amazing plants and animals. These wonders are found across all the continents and oceans of this planet. In a tour from the seven greatest...
Author: Michael Woods / Mary B. Woods

Bar Code for Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone
Author: Suzanne LeVert

Bar Code for Slave Trade And The Middle Passage
Slave Trade And The Middle Passage
Author: S. Pearl Sharp / Virginia Schomp

Bar Code for Somalia major Muslim Nations
Discusses the geography, history, economy, government, religion, people, foreign relations, and major cities of Somalia.
Author: Lee Anne Gelletly / Joseph Ferry

Bar Code for South Africa
Take a trip about the planet with the newest entries inside the Enchantment of the World series. From the volcanoes of Iceland towards the hilltop castles of Germany, readers are transported to distant lands with every of the fascinating text and attention-grabbing pictures...
Author: Ettagale Blauer / Jason Laure

Bar Code for South Africa The Land
Explores the beauty of South Africa, from Table Mountain near Cape Town to the dry veldt inside the north.
Author: Domini Clark

Bar Code for South Africa The People
Text and photographs present the daily lives and family traditions inside the individuals of South Africa, too as their turbulent history and also the legacy of apartheid.
Author: Domini Clark

Bar Code for Story Of Asar
Now for the first time, the most ancient myth of Ancient Egypt comes alive for kids. Inspired by the books The Asarian Resurrection: The Ancient Egyptian Bible and The Mystical Teachings of The Asarian Resurrection, The Story of Asar, Aset and Heru...
Author: Muata Ashby

Bar Code for Sudan countries In Crisis
Examine the history and origins from the contemporary day conflict of Sudan. Includes full-color photographs.
Author: Sean Connolly

Bar Code for Sudan, Darfur And The Nomadic Conflicts
Sudan, Darfur And The Nomadic Conflicts
Author: Philip Steele

Bar Code for Tanzania In Pictures
overview of Tanzania's geography and history, in addition to an exploration from the political, economic, and cultural landscape of this east coast African nation. As portion of the new, completely revised and redesigned second edition from the extremely acclaimed...
Author: Bev Pritchett

Bar Code for This Our Dark Country: The American Settlers
In the early 19th century, the American Colonization Society was formed with the sole intent of creating a colony for cost-free blacks and former slaves. Both blacks and whites took passionate stands either for or against this proposal. Despite the controversy,...
Author: Catherine Reef

Bar Code for Top 10 Worst Things About Ancient Egypt:
Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold! . Condition: New. ISBN13: 9781433966897.
Author: Victoria England

Bar Code for Treasures: A Reading Language Arts Program
These books have been utilized very lightly as pilot program books, and there are really few, if any marks or damages.
Author: Donald R. Bear

Bar Code for Tutankhamun: Internet Referenced
Tutankhamun: Internet Referenced
Author: Gill Harvey

Bar Code for Uganda cultures Of The World
Discusses the geography, history, government, economy, people, and culture of the African nation of Uganda.
Author: Robert Barlas

Bar Code for Voices Of Ancient Egypt
Beautiful full-color illustrations and poems tell the stories of various occupations in ancient Egypt, from the farmer towards the pyramid builder, from the goldsmith to the embalmer. Based on the latest historical research, Voices of Ancient Egypt conveys...
Author: Kay Winters

Bar Code for We Visit Ghana
As readers explore the culture and attractions of major countries in Africa, they also find out about their history, geography, politics, education, economy, and cuisine. Intended for readers ages 10-14 years old.
Author: John Bankston

Bar Code for West African Kingdom: Empires Of Gold
West African Kingdom: Empires Of Gold
Author: Katherine E. Reece

Bar Code for You Wouldn't Want To Be Tutankhamen :
You Wouldn't Want To Be Tutankhamen :
Author: David Stewart